About Us

KipperDoodle - The Story


KipperDoodle Toffee was founded by Kristin Lavitola, a resident of Grand Prairie, TX.   In 2016, Kristin retired from her career as a Big Pharma Marketing and Communications professional and decided to switch gears and start a small business.  

After taking a year off to travel, create art, and cook, she started selling alcohol ink art and ceramic coasters at local DFW farmer’s markets.  After a while it was evident that food was selling better than art - so, the market research and recipe testing began.  Soon after, she introduced her delicious toffee and snack mixes to her established customer base. This was the start of KipperDoodle Toffee Co. 

The toffee and snacks took off like wildfire. Within a few month, she obtained a commercial kitchen and manufacturing license to keep up with the demand. She then landed a government contract with the VA Hospital as a food vendor, and continuously participates in pop-up shops at two local Nordstrom locations.  Other client locations that we sell our treats at are: JC Penney Corporate, AT&T Ft Worth, American Airlines Reservations Center, and more. 

Kristin enjoys experimenting with new and different flavor combinations and has had great success with her unique, signature creations - such as butterscotch crunch and ghost pepper dark chocolate pecan. The snack mixes and praline nuts are a recent addition to the KipperDoodle Toffee Co menu line-up and have had an overwhelming positive response. 

KipperDoodle Toffee Co is rapidly growing and thanks everyone for their support and kindness.